Writing an Essay


Writing an essay requires careful analysis of several elements pertaining to a specified topic or discussion, with your focus mainly on harnessing and channelizing your thoughts, through a detailed judgmental process, into opinions. Often you will be given a particular topic to write on, but if you have the liberty to choose your own subject for discussion, do spend a good amount of time in gathering your thoughts, and jotting them all down on a rough notepad. Now, observe your insights, judge them with an open mind, so as to avoid getting too personal, which may result in the expression of your opinions that are quite subjective in nature. Unless, the objective of your essay is to provide a personal opinion, you need to be careful while you come up with your judgments. Second guessing is likely to lead you astray, but accuracy in analysis comes with practice. So, brainstorm deep to begin with.

Know the subject

Along with the topic, you’ll be given the parameters that constitute to the foundation of your essay, such as its length, a sample format of the title page, and the nature of the targeted audience. Define the direction in which you wish to take your discussion, before you start writing. And, if you’re given tips or instructions, make sure you follow them without manipulation. Broaden your approach, for example – if you’re asked to write your opinion on a work of fiction or literature, or one of its characters, then you should avoid restricting your thoughts to just the interesting parts within the story, instead broaden your vision and get to know its sub-levels, so that the contents of your essay will not only connect the readers to your opinions, but also help expand their imagination. Define the context, it’s the root of organizing your views and ideas into a patterned communication.

An effective introduction

Writing an EssayFor best results, frame the first line of your essay in such a manner that it clearly draws a path through which you intend to take the reader, in order to get him closer to your interpretation, or better understand your analysis. Refer to the home page of this website to know how to write a thesis statement. Never start your essay with phrases like “I am going to discuss about”, or “This essay will focus on.” No, such phrases only display the writer’s inefficiency with words. The best way to begin with your essay is by drawing a general statement, followed by a question or an argument, further followed by a thesis statement, and supported by a series of opinions and counter-arguments. Here’s an example of a good start or an introduction:

As evolution continues, the human civilization or the society under a modern deviation, seems to be moving away from their actual duties and responsibilities. In the meanwhile, question arises as to whether we, humans, are pushing other species to extinction. Sheer ignorance towards their wellbeing and clever avoidance of animal rights gone unnoticed, plays a major role in further isolation and incorrect distinction. Man should be subjected to greater knowledge, in order to help him realize that animals are in fact friendly entities that are here, like us, in this physical plane of existence, to explore and experience life. Serious loopholes exist within our legal and societal structure, which, without careful reconsideration, allows forceful taming and caging of wild animals, and that for the purpose of leisure. Where zoos and circuses go about manipulating the lives of these co-sharers of our planet in the name of business, organizations like KFC and many others have factories that process inhuman amount of eggs to breed sufficient number of chickens every day that is intended to keep their business going. Shockingly, these new born chickens are transported throughout the factories on conveyor belts, which take them through a series of tests and machinery that ensure their fitness for production. Have we left them a hostile environment as a shelter? As we go about enhancing our societal structure, animal needs are apparently being ignored to a great extent, which makes a sane man wonder whether the situation marks the eclipse of our conscience.

Observe the example and study the nature of its contents to learn how to start writing an essay in the most efficient manner, so as to capture the reader’s attention. Once you have set a track for expansion of your ideas, it’s only the arrangement of words and effective sentence construction that you need to focus upon, in order to impart within your essay an ability to convince the reader to share your opinions through uniformly laid out thoughts.

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