Argumentative essay

The most important to keep in mind when writing an argumentative essay and make it effective is that the topic and the elements should persuade the reader to see things from your point of view. If you have strong planning and preparation in place you can do it. Don’t jump into writing the argumentative essay without proper preparation and research. The topic of your essay should be good for an argument essay and take into consideration many issues that have two conflicting points of views or different conclusions. If you find a spark in the subject, you take it up immediately.

Just because the topic is interesting alone you should not take up the topic. Consider your position to back up with enough and valid reasoning and proof. Along with the strong belief, you have to explain why your thoughts and beliefs are rational and sensible when molding the argument. It is better to think about the list points you could use as evidence against and for an issue. It is better if you list out these when you explore the topics. Writing about a topic and finding it difficult to locate the points to argue is not sensible. You should have enough and more points to fight it out.

Argumentative essayWhen you a select a topic which you feel strongly is right for the writing, make a list of point for argument. The list points should be for both sides of the argument and you have a pick a side which you feel is right. Even though you are going to be with one particular side, you should know the plus and minus point of the other side also for the argument part. Present both sides of the issue with an evaluation of each and you will have to conclude saying that your side is the best, naturally. Consider strong arguments for the other side in the planning stage and in the end you have to shoot them down.

In a real argument you must have seen people with red face fighting it out and talking and shouting loudly making loud gestures. Face-to-face arguments becomes emotional the argument involves providing proof to support your claim with or without emotion. In the argument essay too much drama is not needed and you need to provide evidence through words. Explore the two sides of the topic in a brief manner and provide proof why one side is better than the other one.

Once your basic ground work is done and solid foundation is created writing can start. The argument essay should have three parts, the introduction, the body and the conclusion. Depending on how much the assignment is you can fix the length of each part. The first paragraph should contain the brief explanation of your topic, followed by some background information and then the thesis statement. The main argument will be in the body of your essay. Try and not use emotional language and realize the difference between a reasonable end and emotional standpoint.

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