Comparison Essay

Writing comparison essays is a good way to get a closer look at the different sides of things. It helps broaden your perspective, whether you delve into topics that you’re familiar with or those that you haven’t heard of before. Since this kind of essay is simple, there are only a few matters you have to take note of.

Remember that comparison essays must include only two or more items that are comparable. This means that they must have a common ground. There’s no point in creating a comprehensive essay that compares ice cream to yoga.

Some comparison essays, in fact, have thesis statements that explain the reasons for comparing the subjects in comparison. If you choose to include a thesis statement in your own piece, remember that it must reflect the connections or common factors between or among your chosen items.

You can create a more solid ground in comparing two or more items by digging deeper into them and picking just one side of your subjects. For example, if you want to delve into the differences of lethal injection and electrocution, then you may discuss only the effects of each punishment to the executioner.

Taking only one side is also a strategic way of being more specific in your treatment of the subjects. This eliminates the possibility of having an incomplete presentation of all factors related to your subjects since they are too many.

In addition to this, your readers are likely to become confused if you delve into several sides of each subject instead of magnifying just one side by discussing the related factors thoroughly. If you choose to create a comparison essay on British and American comedy shows, you’ll likely end up with a book if you discuss everything from the script down to the actors’ performance. With these two items, you may focus instead on the comic timing of actors in some shows that are of British and American origin.

Comparison EssayComparison essays must also be written with a consistent employment of balance. This means giving equal exposure to the items compared. For example, if you’re comparing hotels in Italy with those in Switzerland and you want to mention the strengths of the latter, then you must also present the strengths of the former.

Remember that in writing comparison essays, it is not your goal to favor one item over another. Leave this task to writers of argumentative and persuasive essays. Instead, you must analyze the factors related to each item and let your analysis surface in the discussion of the subjects.

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