Descriptive essay

A descriptive essay is a writing which focuses on a person, an event, a place, or a thing. First of all, prepare a thesis statement because this statement is the idea which governs the complete essay. It declares the need of the paper and administers all the information in the paper. The thesis statement should be descriptive and should not be just a statement. Your thoughts are what going to come on the paper and these thoughts should the five senses in a human being. Each sense should be separately listed out and this exercise will keep your thoughts straight when expressing the points in the essay.

Descriptive essayPortray the sensations and feeling you associate with the topic you are writing using the five senses. Go through the list you have prepared and select the most prevailing aspect to write about. These points should be the best support for your thesis and also the most interesting. The details which come to your thought should be your body paragraphs. Make a list of things what each paragraph of the essay is going to talk about. Usually the middle and high school students are asked to write a 5 paragraphs essay while the college students and above can decide the length of their essays.

The essay should be composed in a straight forward way and it should make sense for your topic. Give the paragraphs a chronological order if you are writing about an event and if you are writing about a place or thing, order the paragraphs so that they move on from general topic to the specific topic. The introduction paragraph should create the main ideas of the essay and it should set the tone. After the introduction in the paragraph the thesis statement should follow. Following this order create a great impact on the essay and makes it impressive.

There should be a topic sentence in the beginning of each body paragraph. This sentence should set up the stage for the reader to know what the paragraph is going to be about. Each line should be clear and concise and each topic sentence should be connected back to the thesis statement. The body paragraphs should be based on the topic sentences. These paragraphs will prove that your thesis is true. Each and every line you write in the body paragraph should relate to the topic sentence and your thesis.

There should be sensory details to support your thesis. You have to use literary tools like expressive adjectives, similes, epitome and metaphors. Writing a line about the topic is not enough you have to explain it in a good language and in detail. To summarize the whole article you have to write a strong conclusion. Remember to restate your thesis and the conclusion should be well written. These are the last lines the reader will read in your essay and it will stay in the mind of the reader. After writing the essay take time to read out the essay loud because by reading loud you will be able locate places where the essay is confusing or not impressive. Proofread the essay for any grammar, punctuation errors and spelling.

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