How to score with an expository essay?

How to score with an expository essay?An expository essay is the simplest form of an essay or what the common man knows as essay. It is easy to write because there should be a central defining subject. The introduction must introduce the topic, the body should contain the matter and the conclusion must sum up the topic. This is the simplest form of the essay. However, if we keep certain points when we write each part, we score better with the essay. It is a descriptive essay wherein we tell something to the reader, there is no analysis or arguments, only description. So choosing the topic is very important. Choose a specific topic rather than a general one and provide as much information as possible.

The first line should hook the reader to read the full essay. It can be a quote or some interesting narration. Then the introduction paragraph must have a thesis where you convey some point that is a part of the research work you did to collect the information for the essay. This statement should not be argumentative or subjective. It should be a plain objective statement. This can be followed by the main ideas of the essay. All this will constitute the introduction paragraph.

An expository essay is usually written in three paragraphs but there are essays that have more. Taking the standard format, introduction forms the first paragraph, the conclusion forms the last paragraph; therefore, three paragraphs should be dedicated to body of the paragraphs. Each paragraph should start with the topic sentence which introduces the idea of the paragraph. For example, if your essay is about three major religions of the world, each of your paragraphs in the main should be about one religion. The topic sentence will be about the religion that is going to be followed in that paragraph.

The rest of the paragraph in the body of your essay must be an elaboration of the topic sentence; with reference to the above example, details of any religion- the origin, the founder, the spread of the religion and the like. Whatever written should be well researched. Quotes, anecdotes will make the essay a little animated. Provide facts to support your statements. Never let go of the thesis statement which was introduced in the first paragraph. Bring a link to it as this will be the connection of the whole essay. Each paragraph must have a conclusion and it must have smooth to the next paragraph.

The concluding paragraph will be purely restating all the points very briefly and creating a perfect link. The thesis statement has to be mentioned here again. The final thought should be mentioned in this part of the essay. For example, if we are talking about the major three religions of the world, may be you can conclude saying that what is preached in all the religions is one and the same and that depending on where it originated the expression varied. The final thought must be in tandem with the thesis statement given in the beginning of the essay. If these tips are followed it is quite easy to score well with an expository essay.

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